Life Insurance

Why get life insurance? heart
So you can be there for your family even after your gone. 
The reasons why you should purchase this type of insurance can vary and sometimes it is confusing to decipher what type of life policy you should buy. At Ross Insurance, we make understanding life insurance easy!
Whole Life Insurance policies pay a death benefit when you pass away, no matter what age, and generally covers you for your entire life, hence the name.
Term Life Insurance is the least complicated form of life insurance. Term life policies pay a death benefit only when death occurs during the policy term, which is usually no longer than 30 years.
There are two types of term life policies:
  • Level term (the most popular) policies require that the death benefit stays the same throughout the existence of you policy.
  • Decreasing term policies require that the death benefit drops in set increments throughout the existent of your policy.
The agents at Ross Insurance can help you with any life insurance questions you may have and information you may need.
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