Medical Insurance

Now a days, everyone needs Health Insurance...

Because things happen - Even if you're healthy right this minute, you could be caught off-guard by an unexpected illness or injury.
Because it helps protect your $$$ - Did you know that without health coverage, you could easily pay thousands of dollars each day you're in the hospital? Health coverage can help protect you against the high cost of unexpected medical bills.
Because it can give you peace of mind - Health coverage not only helps you stay healthy. It can also give you the added security and peace of mind because you know you're covered if you get sick or hurt, or in case you need prescription drugs, surgery or emergency care.
Because you can be penalized for not having health insurance come tax time.
Health Insurance policies most often offer coverage for:
  • Doctors visits
  • Prescriptions
  • Medical Testing
  • Specialized care
  • Surgical procedures
We know what you're probably thinking...
I can't really afford it, can I? Plans can be more affordable then you may think. With a wide range of plans and options to choose from, you can select what works best for you.
I don't need it if I'm healthy, do I? Actually, the best time to purchase health coverage is when you're healthy. If you do become ill or injured later on, you may not qualify for coverage, or you may be charged a much higher premium. It's kind of like car insurance in that respect. The time to do it is now!
It's complicated and confusing, isn't it? This is where Ross Insurance comes in. We will help you narrow things down, so you can easily find the right plan for you and your lifestyle. And there is no additional cost to you when you are assisted by Ross Insurance. Rest assured, you're not in this alone.
So if you don't have health coverage at work or you're self-employed, between jobs or no longer covered under your parent’s policy, one of our health plans might just be right for you.